VConnectMD facilitates secure HIPPAA Compliant instant communication among Physicians, Nurses, Technicians, Support Staff and Patients within the hospital system and across care settings like Physician offices, Nursing Homes and Home Health Care services etc.

Improve Quality and Decrease Length of Stay with Better Care Coordination:

Hospitals and specialists can communicate with each other instantly and thereby improve care coordination and decrease liability that can result from delayed care for critically ill patients in addition they can also decrease the length of stay for patients.

Decrease Exposure and Liability that can result from Delayed Communication:

Radiologists, Nurses and Specialists can directly contact the physicians to give stat or abnormal results, furthermore, decreasing liability to the hospitals resulting from delayed communications.

Secure Communication between Physician Offices & Hospitals:

Physician offices will no longer have to fax records and then call to schedule or confirm a procedure at your hospital; they can directly send data and communicate with the work center immediately. Hospitals can obtain and send records to Physician offices, or they can obtain post-hospital discharge appointments.

HIPAA-Compliant Secured Messaging:

VConnectMD Messages are SSL/AES encrypted, messages accessed outside of the application have a time-delayed expiration, and the message inbox is password and PIN-number protected. The messages cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage.

Instant and Streamlined Communication among Health Care Givers:

If a Nurse or Doctor would like to speak with the Covering Physician but does not know who the doctor is on call, He/She does not have to go through the unit secretary, hospital operator, physician’s office front desk, or physician’s office answering service. With VConnectMD’s Connect on Call, using it’s patent pending propietary call routing algorithm, the Nurse can Instantly communicate with whomever is on call.

Improve Discharge Planning and Post-Hospital Care:

Case managers and nurses can directly communicate with physicians, physician offices, nursing homes, and home health care nurses for better discharge planning and post-hospital care.

Cost Savings from Direct Communication:

Nurses save up to 30–60 minutes per shift by using VConnectMD’s messaging app that allows them to directly reach the physician and thereby eliminating the middle person to relay messages. This can result in up to $1.5 million per year savings in nursing costs for a 200-bed hospital. Operator and secretary assisted calls to the various departments within the hospital by nurses, physicians, and other personnel will be eliminated, as these professionals can use VConnectMD’s hospital directory and make calls directly. This can result in up to $200,000 savings in operator and unit secretary costs for a 200-bed hospital.

Highly Scalable and Rapidly Deployable:

Our multi-tenancy model and database structure allows us to add any number of tenants, and our pre-configuration features makes it rapidly deployable.

Your overall process efficiency will increase the care coordination through automation and improved communication. As your nurse can focus on more important patient care, overall quality of service improves, which improves your client satisfaction.

Benefits to Hospitals

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HIPAA Compliant Communication

Efficient Communication Across Care Settings for Better Care Coordination

Using our advanced technology platform for seamless communication across care settings among caregivers will lead to quality patient care and reduce costs.

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