Our Story

Our Story

VConnectMD is not just secure messaging platform, it is also a smart application.

Dr Karan Reddy

Karan Reddy, MD has been a practicing Cardiologist for 24 years. In addition to being the lead cardiologist of one of the top cardiology groups in Florida, he has held multiple management roles at one of the biggest hospitals in the US – The Florida Hospital. This broad spectrum of responsibility in the medical space provided a bird’s eye view to Dr. Reddy of the key issues that disrupted the care coordination in Hospitals and before long he started evaluating multiple technology products to solve the problem.

Early on in the process Dr. Reddy realized that the healthcare communication products were just focused on HIPAA compliance and addressed ONLY that aspect of the problem predominantly. Dr. Reddy and his team researched and analyzed data from over 400 medical professionals to identify the different communication and coordination lapses across care settings. This intent to solve the problems in Healthcare communication soon evolved into a long standing passion. What followed is a 6 year long quest of unrelenting perseverance, unwavering dedication and uncompromising vision to develop the first integrated smart communication network for Health care coordination – VConnectMD.

VConnectMD is not just secure messaging platform, it is a smart application. At the heart of VConnectMD is our Patented automated routing algorithm (Patent Number: USP 10210952) that collates all the permutations and combinations of different scenarios & workflows in various Clinical Settings, synthesizes all this information to invariably identify the right resource(s) to be reached for the critical issue at hand. With 55 distinct features built into it and the potential to build multitude of others, VConnectMD today stands as the most comprehensive technology platform for care coordination in Healthcare.

VConnectMD Team welcomes the opportunity to learn more about your organization, earn your business and partner with you.

HIPAA Compliant Communication

Improving Workflow for Care Providers

Our easy-to-use, feature-rich application makes it possible for instantaneous
communication between care providers, for better workflow and better care coordination.

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