Physician Offices

Physician Offices

Improve communication efficiency, reliability, and accuracy.

Reduce Inbound Calls
Up to 30%

Increase overall process effeciency through an improved contact cycle. Improve message accuracy by eliminating human errors and delays caused by a message relay person.

On-Call Scheduler

Create a web-based on-call schedule for a physician/healthcare personnel for multiple hospitals and view from any web-enabled device.

Decreased Calls to the
Front Desk

By directly routing the calls to the physicians and physician extenders.

Secure Encrypted and
HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

All messages are SSL/AES encrypted and the inbox is password and PIN protected. Messages cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage.

Optimize Your Call
and Messaging Strategies

Use a web-based communication tool that enables physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel to communicate with each other directly, eliminating the need for a middle person like a receptionist, unit secretary or an answering service operator.

Benefit From Advanced Technology

Change the way your team communicates to achieve fast, efficient,
and cost-effective communication strategies.

  • Send messages directly to the receiver almost instantaneously.
  • Eliminate the middleman, saving time and costs on relaying messages.
  • Nurses can send a common message to multiple specialists at one time instead of messaging them individually.
  • Send messages directly to the receiver almost instantaneously.
  • Automatically route calls based on physician preference, call type, and location.
  • Automatically log messages as permanent records for future reference.

HIPAA Compliant Communication

Improved Care Coordination Across Care
Setting Througn Seamless Communication

Closing the communication gap between healthcare professionals by increasing accuracy,
reducing wait times, reducing length of stay, and improving patient care.

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