HIPAA Compliant



For timely and error free communication among care givers across care setting to achieve better care co-ordination.

A single app for Messages

From Multiple Sources

A single App for Physicians to receive messages from multiple sources like Hospitals, Offices, Other Physicians, Nursing Homes and Answering Services


Communication Application

Physician Focused. HIPAA Compliant.
Patient Centered.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Mobile Communication

VConnectMD is your #1 choice for secure messaging among hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Key Features

Connect On Call

Directly Send Messages to the On Call Covering Person, eliminating the middle man.


Securely text and video chat to other team members within your and other affiliated organizations for better Care Coordination.


Web-based scheduler with view and edit capabilities on Desktop and Mobile Devices based on permissions.

Consults and Admission

View All Consults and Admissions for any selected time period for your Call Group or any Call Group that you have access to.

External Messaging

Communicate securely with providers outside of your network who do not have the VConnectMD application. You can even send pictures and attachments.

EMR Integration

Integrate VConnectMD with your EMR for better workflow, care coordination, and efficient communication.

Message Log

Effectively sort and manage messages with Read Receipt and Forward Messages to an on-call person now or in AM.

Secure File & Image Sharing

Capture and Securely Share images and Data to someone in your network or in the affiliated network using a smart device.

Hold and Send in AM

Sleep Better at night by holding your routine messages and have them automatically sent to you in AM at your set time.

Voice Message Alert

Sound Sleeper?, not a problem, With Voice Message Alert, VConnectMD will continuously ring your device for all incoming messages at your specified time until you answer your page.

Services We Offer

We use our Patented Call Routing Algorithm for routing of calls and Messages based on Call Group Preferences for Call Type, Call Reason, Call From, Call Schedule, Patient Assignment, Work Assignment and Work Flow Preference to route the message to the right person at the right time, every time.


Improve hospital performance with HIPAA Compliant, Instant, streamlined and secure communication among healthcare givers.

Physician Offices

Eliminate the need for a middle person to relay messages and decrease the call load to the front desk. Save Time and Money and allow Healthcare Personnel to do their job efficiently.


VConnectMD’s single-instance, multi-tenant architecture allows diverse care provider organizations to come together on a common platform and form a collaborative hub.

Answering Services

Cut Down the call load to your front desk with Our 24/7 HIPAA Compliant Answering Service. Automated and Live Operators ready to route Patient Calls and Non-Affiliated entities directly to the intended person.

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