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One App for Physicians to receive messages from multiple sources like Hospitals, Offices, Other Physicians, Nursing Homes and Answering Services.

Key Features

On Call Scheduler & Rotation

On-Call Scheduler & Call Rotation allows messages to be sent to different on-call physicians and/or physician extenders on a rotation basis for a given shift as well as simultaneously to multiple physicians.


Securely text and video chat to other team members within your organization and other affiliated organizations for better Care Coordination. Quickly set up a video and voice chat on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Connect On-Call

Connect on Call allows you to select one or more people from a physician group, hospital service, hospital team alert group, or an assigned nurse group and message them or the covering person automatically. The system automatically display the covering person for the selected person or service and highlights one or more on-call healthcare personnel based on VConnectMD’s proprietary automated call routing algorithm. You can even select a patient and the system will automatically displays the assigned physician or a nurse for that time slot. The sender has the choice to send a secured text message with or without attachments.

Message Attachments

Capture and Securely Share X-Rays, EKG’s, etc. to someone in your network or in the affiliated network using a smart device. No Data Leakage meaning messages cannot be forwarded or copied outside the application.

Directory Dialer

Directory Dialer allows the user to access a web searchable catalogue and quickly make a phone call via VOIP from the web page itself, thereby avoiding using a paper phone directory for look up and use of a separate device to make a call. Also, the user can access a published directory of all affiliated tenants (ex. Affiliated physician Offices)

Msg. Receipts & Forwarding

A permanent Message log of all messages is maintained for future reference. This allows the user to access the log of all messages and calls with text and audio content. The messages can be filtered based on various search parameters from the permanent log. The unread messages are displayed in bold for Quick View. When the message is read by the Receiver, the Sender receives an immediate confirmation that the message was opened by the recipient. A read receipt is shown in the message log of the sender. The received and sent messages can be viewed separately.

With Message Forwarding, the recipient of the message can forward to the next shift person or any other affiliate.

HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

VConnectMD's messages are encrypted using SSL/AES encryption, messages accessed outside of the application, have a time-delayed expiration. The message inbox is password and PIN protected and cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage. All Messages are traceable through an audit trail. Receivers phone numbers are never revealed to the sender.

Group Messaging

Group Messaging allows you to send a common message simultaneously to multiple physicians and others with reminders pre-programmed into the system.

HIPAA Compliant Communication

Efficient Communication Across Care Settings for Better Care Coordination

Using our advanced technology platform for seamless communication across care settings among caregivers will lead to quality patient care and reduce costs.

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